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CBR Test

CBR Test

CBR Test Apparatus is suitable for test of soils and mix materials (the grain size of the soil is less than 40mm) compacted with CBR mold so as to confirm the bearing loading ability of pavement, roadbed, subcrust as well as material layer of the roadbed to be designed. It consists of a twin column frame, proving ring, penetration bar, loading plate, micrometer, measuring device for swell increment etc. and easy to operate.


1. Capacity : 30kN,50KN (selectable)

2. Load speed : 1.0mm/min. 

3. Penetration bar : Ø50 x 100mm

4. Platen : Ø170mm

5. Platen travel : 50mm

6. Mold: Ø152 x 170mm

7. Dimension : 310 x 310 x 930mm (L x W x H)

8. Weight : 100kg


7×24 热 线