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TSZ-4A Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus

TSZ-4A Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus

The Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus is used to determine shear strength of the soil specimen with adding load under the conditions of iso-strain. It not only can perform unconsolidated-undrained (UU), consolidated-undrained (CU) and consolidated-drained (CD) test, but also can perform consolidation test for four soil specimens with different confining pressure. The apparatus has high efficiency of shear, especially in CU test. It can finish determining shear strength of a specimen within 24 hours and easy to operate. 


1. Specimen : Ø39.1 x 80mm, Ø61.8 x 125mm

2. Axial load : 30kN maximum

3. Strain rate : 0.0024 – 4.5mm/min. Infinitely variable speed 

4. Confining pressure: 0 – 2.0MPa, Accuracy : ±1%FS

5. Pore pressure range: 0 – 2.0MPa Accuracy : ±1%FS

6. Volume deformation : 0 – 50ml Resolution : 0.1ml

7. Power : 800W

8. Dimension: Main unit: 650 x 380 x 1450mm (L x W x H)

                         Controller: 980 x 450 x 860mm (L x W x H)

9. Weight : 300kg


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